Watch Leader Information


A Watch Leader oversees a six-hour time slot of three Sessions.  Their primary focus is to ensure the event runs smoothly, especially during Session transitions. Here are the primary responsibilities for a Watch Leader:

–          Ensure the outgoing team knows to

  • Fill out a Testimony sheet if desired
  • Fill out the Prayer Feedback form (Session Leader)
  • Fill out the Participant Sign In sheet for any late comers
  • Make a final stop by the resource table if desired

–          Ensure the incoming team knows the surroundings

  • Where the restrooms and refreshments are
  • Where the Readers and Prayers will be
  • The readers can use the provided bible or one of their own (but not a paraphrase)

–          Ensure the incoming team knows what to do

  • Where the resource table is
  • Freedom to take any flyers/brochures they want
  • Sign in for ALL participants
  • Request to fill out a Testimony sheet during or when finished
  • Request for the Session Leader to fill out the Prayer Feedback form when finished
  • Where to donate money/checks if desired

–          Ensure the incoming team is settled at their start time

  • Reader knows where the previous team stopped
  • Prayers see the Prayer Topic sheets available with prayer suggestions

–          Provide security

  • Become familiar with the Security sheet pointed out to you by the previous Watch Leader, and point it out to the next Watch Leader
  • Walk anyone out to their vehicle if appropriate or needed
  • Periodically check on locked doors and immediate area outside
    • Front door area
    • Parking lot

–          Be prepared to read

  • Should no team arrive during a session time slot, you get to read during that time to maintain the flow of the Word’s declaration

–          Have FUN!

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