Two Ways to Participate in The Washing

Session Leader

A Session Leader reserves at least one 2-hour time slot (called a session) on behalf of their group of 3-8 participants. This group could be from a church, ministry, a small group, youth group, etc. Group members will take about 15-minute turns reading out loud from the Bible. When not reading, a group member will join the others to pray. In this way the scriptures will be read continuously, and prayer will also be continuous..

About The Washing

Only one person from your group needs to register to reserve your session(s).  This will be the Session Leader.  Please click the button below to register.

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Watch Leader

A Watch Leader supervises three consecutive two-hour sessions and makes sure the sessions run smoothly. For detailed information about the duties of a Watch Leader, click appropriate button below or, if you are ready, you may sign up to become a watch Leader by choosing the Sign Up button below:

Watch Leader Info

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